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Renewable additions vs Nuclear

 From  Twitter thread by David Mitchell, founder of

Some one wanted a “normalised” graph of renewable additions vs nuclear. Here it is. Normalised against global population (kWh/capita). It’s not in kW because it’s not capacity, it’s production. So it’s global electricity production additions per capita, hence in kWh, [added production per person per year]

Renewables are in a classic exponential curve.
Nuclear peaked in the 80s and has been falling ever since.

Here are the IEA's data and forecasts for annual contributions to electricity demand, in TWh

Global changes in electricity generation, 2015-2024
yellow = renewables; green = gas; dark blue = coal; light blue = nuclear
Observe how *all* incremental electricity demand in 2024 is met via wind, solar and nuclear
See original chart here
I don't know why IEA thinks the additional renewables supply will be falling from 2022 to 2024.
Given the shock to the system from Russia's attack on Ukraine, I would have expected rollout of renewables to accelerate, not slow.

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