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An elderly but still pugnacious lady prepares for her facelift


I'm sure most readers are aware that the battleship USS Texas, launched in 1912 and a veteran of both World Wars, has just been moved to a floating dry dock for extensive repairs and rehabilitation.  After 110 years since her launching, she needs them.

The images below are circulating on social media.  They're probably the same image, with the second more color- and light-processed.  Click either picture for a larger view.

She's still a good-looking lady, isn't she?  It's strange to think that she saw action during World War I, before either of my parents was born.  She's borne up well under the years.

I hope that USS Texas will still be around long after you and I have gone, to continue to teach our children and our children's children about a long-gone era and the two biggest wars in human history (so far).


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