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Hypocrisy, thy name is Martha's Vineyard


It's (presumably?) nice to have high-falutin' liberal-progressive values like these.  (Clickit to biggit.)

On the other hand, if those principles are no more than skin-deep . . .

Oh, dearie me . . .

Sundance notes:

According to The Boston Globe, officials in Martha’s Vineyard are holding an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis of 43 illegal alien arrivals, including one four-year-old child.  The group arrived via a chartered flight dispatched by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to state representative Dylan Fernandes, “when you look at the limited housing options on Martha’s Vineyard, as I’m sure many of the folks here are aware, it’s likely we’re going to need an off island location.”

There's more at the link.

Twitter responds:

One has to laugh - and doff one's hat in admiration to Governor DeSantis of Florida.  In one swell foop, he's shown up the hypocrisy of liberal progressives for what it is.  Here in Texas, we're dealing with thousands - literally, multiple thousands - of illegal alien invaders every single day.  A progressive community gets less than 50 of them, uninvited (just as they are here) and all of a sudden the sky is falling!

I'll gladly donate to pay for more such flights, and buses too.  Let's share our illegal alien wealth all over the country, and see how blue state and blue city voters appreciate our largesse.  Maybe then they'll be willing to do something to control our southern border!


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