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Learning Chinese - How To Learn Chinese Better

Learning Chinese is often a matter of how well you can use some proven memory techniques described in this article. You will learn to associate a meaningless collection of syllables with a word in your language. You can find many more online but these two methods are quite effective when you begin to learn a foreign language especially Chinese. That’s because of the structure of the Chinese language.

Learning Chinese – Technique #1 – Create images and associate them with words
With this simple to implement method you use images to link a word in your own language with a word in Chinese. For example when you learn the word carpet, visualize a beautiful east-made carpet with the word “carpet” (written in Chinese) on the center. When you learn the word cloud visualize the most beautiful shapes of clouds in the blue sky, forming the word “Cloud” in Chinese. Why use positive images and associate them with words? Because you want to enjoy what you do and associate learning Chinese with happy feelings. This learning method is both inner and outer but it produces tremendous results if used in a frequent manner. You can very easily learn the basic Chinese vocabulary by using this memory technique.

Learning Chinese – Technique #2 – Make your town your vocabulary
This method is based on the fact that the basic Chinese vocabulary relates to everyday things that can be found in your town or village. In order to use this method effectively, choose a town that you know how to hang around really well. The idea is to associate the various places in the town with Chinese words. This can be difficult at first but if you persist you will be blown away by the results. For example take a walk to the local bakery and associate the Chinese words for “Bread”, “Wheat”, Bakery” etc with the actual things (breads on the shelves, the flour packed in stacks, the bakery itself). Wherever you go try to make associations just don’t overdo it at first. You can start with one place and when you know for sure that you learned these words then pick a second place for learning.

Learning Chinese – Technique #3 – The 100 most common words
A famous psychologist and spiritual advisor once said that learning Chinese is a matter of learning the 100 most common Chinese words. It’s true that learning this core of 100 words puts you in a good place towards being able to speak Chinese at a basic level. So, learn the following 100 words in Chinese and you will be on the head-start to become a fluent speaker:

A, An, After, Again, All, Almost, Also, Always, And, Because, Before, Big, But, can, come, Either, Or, Find, First, For, Friend, From, Go, Good, Goodbye, Happy, Have, He, Hello, Here, How, I, Am, If, In, Know, Last, Like, Little, Love, Make, Many, One, More, Most, Much, My, New, No, Not, Now, Of, Often, On, One, Only, Or, Other, Our, Out, Over, People, Place, Please, Same, See, She, So, Some, Sometimes, Still. Such, Tell, Thank you, That, The, Their, Them, Then, There is, They, Thing, Think, This, Time, To, Under, Up, Us, Use, Very, We, What, When, Where, Which, Who, Why, With, Yes, You, Your.

Using any of the above methods or all of them together, you can begin to speak simple Chinese and communicate in a proper manner in the Chinese language.

Source by Maria Markella

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