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True dat - here as well as there


Courtesy of Legal Insurrection, I came across a couple of tweets.  Click either image to be taken to the original tweet.  First:

I've seen precisely that in many less-well-developed societies over the years, at first hand, and sometimes to my grievous cost.  Civilization is a veneer that is only skin-deep for many people.  Apply enough pressure, and the veneer peels off.

Think that can't happen here?  Think the electricity won't be turned off?  If the Greeny Loonies have their way . . .

That's not a bug to them - it's a feature.

Look for this to come to large swaths of America over the next year or two.  It's not accidental.  It's deliberate.  And if it comes for long enough, the society that tolerates Greeny Loonies will become a whole lot less tolerant, and a whole lot more focused on doing whatever it takes to get back to some semblance of normality - tolerance and Greeny Loonies be damned.

I suspect the Greeny Loonies won't like that.  (My shocked face.  Let me show it to you.)  To them, I can only reply in song - or, rather, I'll have Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. do it for me(Profanity warning.  If foul language upsets you, don't follow that link!)


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