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True dat


A few days ago, Murtaza Hussain of the Intercept tweeted:

He's absolutely right, of course.  We saw in World War II how some of the most "civilized" nations on earth degenerated into murderous slaughter machines, killing millions on the grounds that they were "subhuman" or "degenerate".  Those states' "civilization" was no more than skin deep.  We've seen the same from US servicemen in Vietnam and elsewhere.  When enough pressure was applied, they forgot their upbringing and their oaths, and behaved like rabid hyenas.  Fortunately, there weren't that many of them, but that's cold comfort to those who became their victims.

We're seeing the same thing in our inner cities right now.  We've discussed it in these pages several times.

The amoral violence and blind outrage is mind-boggling

"Be prepared to kill a child"

Just in case you weren't listening earlier...

Apropos of all the crime...

Self-defense warning: the "knockout game", a.k.a. "polar bear hunting", is back

Ask Philadelphia grave-diggers about crime figures...

Every one of those headlines is another indicator that our civilization - in inner-city America, at least - is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams.  No civilized society would permit or tolerate such crimes, but here the authorities merely bleat about social justice and equity and reparations, and refuse to do anything meaningful to stop them.  The result is that our cities' society is becoming less and less civilized.  "Defund the police" might as well be renamed "Destroy the foundations of our society".

The inevitable consequence is that the threat of vigilantism is becoming more and more real.  People won't go on allowing others to victimize them.  Sooner or later, they'll take matters into their own hands.  I think that's a terrible idea, but then, allowing the criminals to continue to get away with their crimes scot-free is an even more terrible one.  Certainly, if it comes to ensuring my safety and that of my wife in a high-crime environment, I already know my answer to that conundrum.

If you add to all those stresses unaffordable fuel/energy, limitations on food availability, and a general breakdown of the economy - all of which are looming threats right now - then I think you can imagine how things will go.

The veneer of civilization is very, very thin right now, particularly after all the stresses and strains of the past few years.  If this goes on, it'll develop tears, gaps and holes so large that in large parts of our country, it'll effectively cease to exist.  In parts of Europe like the worst of the banlieues of France, and in a number of large American inner-city ghettoes, that's already happened.

Get out of "hive" cities.  Join smaller communities that will band together to keep out the rats and the cockroaches, and maintain civilized standards.  Prepare.  The hour grows very late, and time has almost run out.


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