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World's Buzzing Word Hadoop


The word “cloud” has become the buzzing word to the latest emerging technologies which were delivered in the corporate world. The most familiar technology used for Big Data is Hadoop. Learning of Hadoop makes you earn more along with a good career growth. Hadoop is a free Java based programming application tool which supports the handing out of huge amounts of data sets by using simple programs, concurrently across many servers. It belongs to the Apache project delivered by the Apache Software Foundation. It was used by many web-based businesses like Yahoo, Google, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and IBM. When compared to other technologies, the main advantage of Hadoop applications is incredibly flexible as well as robust and efficient.

Core parts of Hadoop

The Hadoop architecture was made up of two parts; one is HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) while the other is Hadoop MapReduce.

-Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a virtual file system. When you move a file on HDFS that will be split into lots of small files which were replicated and stored on different servers for fault tolerance constraints.

-Hadoop MapReduce is the Java-based system tool used to work with the data itself. MapReduce plays a major role when compared to HDFS.As this, tool is used for data processing and makes the people get more interest while they are working on it.

The main function of MapReduce is to run a series of jobs based on Java application that processes the data and pulls out the needed information. MapReduce is somewhat complex but instead of a query it gives a lot of power and flexibility.

In general, Hadoop is not a database. Hadoop is more of a data warehousing system with no queries involved. So, it uses a system like MapReduce to process the data.

Demand for Hadoop

As the days go on, daily billions of pictures, videos, and a lot many things are dumped on the Internet via so many websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. To manage this big amount of data, Hadoop technology has emerged in the market with an affordable price.

What makes people go for Hadoop?

Everyone wants to have growth of their career along with hikes related to their package. At present, the corporate world is showing more interest towards the cloud-based technologies to get more efficiency. As most of the big companies are hiring the people who are agile with the latest technologies. The total world is tending to go for Hadoop to get a better career with a good package.

Source by Nalini Maddela

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