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If it's not safe, it doesn't matter how nice a place may be


Jeffrey Carter puts his finger on a universal truth - one that the current administration and its hangers-on don't seem to recognize.

No one is truly safe anywhere in the urban jungle these days given the way violence against people has been randomized. A lot of wealthy people I know in NYC, Chicago, and LA are traveling a lot right now. They aren’t at home. They stop in for a few days, regroup, and go to the airport again.

If you look at Minneapolis, Chicago, and San Francisco, it is a race to see who can be Detroit first. NYC is terrible right now when it comes to crime and daily living. So is Los Angeles. New Orleans is the murder capital of the country. Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville? Please spare me the Chamber of Commerce pitch. No doubt, tourists are balking at going to those places due to fear of crime.

Name an urban area that is a delightful place to live, has great public schools, doesn’t have rising crime, and you can build wealth right now. The only ones I can think of are in the Old Confederacy.

John Galt is shrugging. He is moving places. It’s not the weather.

There's more at the link.

We're finding that personal safety and security are big factors in people moving to Texas from California and other progressive-infested hellholes.  A friend moved here from Eugene, Oregon last year, and has had to make a couple of trips back there to finalize her affairs.  Her commentary on that city is incendiary, to say the least!

Big-city Texas does have its crime problems, although they're often localized to certain neighborhoods.  In the small town where my wife and I live, it's not unusual to find that people don't even bother to lock their doors, even when sleeping at night.  For a start, the great majority of residents here are honest;  secondly, one knows one's neighbors by sight, and often speaks with them;  and lastly, if anyone saw a stranger going in and out of another home, particularly if he's carrying something, they'd challenge him - and, being good Texans, they're well-equipped to do something about it if he shouldn't be there.

As a result, this is a very peaceful town.  The most serious police involvement we've had in our street was when a neighboring farmer's cows got out, and were grazing on our grass (and our neighbor's rose bushes) while leaving hoof-shaped divots in our lawn!  It was fun seeing our cops, with their high-tech SUV's and tactical flashlights, trying to persuade a cow to stop eating the tasty flowers and go back to her field.  Talk about failure to comply!

Right now, I wouldn't move back to a big city - particularly anywhere near an inner-city urban ghetto environment - if you paid me . . . or unless you paid me enough to build a secure residence, with systems in place to make sure I'll live undisturbed.  Even then, I'd hesitate.


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