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On the ground in Fredericksburg

Miss D. and I arrived safely in Fredericksburg, TX late yesterday afternoon, after a trip down the back roads of Texas, avoiding interstate highways.  It was enjoyable to catch scenery one often bypasses on the main arteries, and also to see historically important sites of the German settlements in Texas and the wars with the Comanche and other Indians during the days of the Republic of Texas prior to its joining the USA.  It's sobering to think that early settlers in those regions faced a better-than-even prospect of Indian attack as they struggled to build their new homes.  Many did not survive.

Fredericksburg is home to the National Museum of the Pacific War, which is one of the best war museums in the USA.  I've been there before, but Miss D. hasn't, so she's in for a treat.  I'll be doing some research while I'm there, and we'll both enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the Texas Hill Country while we're here.

We'll be moving along the Texas Forts Trail to San Angelo from here, then back home.  Lots to see and do.


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