Picking up the pieces of our daily routine


There's no Memes That Made Me Laugh post this week, as my travels precluded gathering them from here and there as I normally do.  The regular Memes post will return next Monday.

Let's start out the week with a smile.  Task & Purpose is a military-oriented Web site that often has useful, interesting articles.  I had to laugh out loud at a recent review of gadgets and gizmos that grunts would find useful, over and above Army-issue gear, when in the field.  Among the articles reviewed was Pampers Baby Wipes, recommended as a toilet paper replacement.  The review read:

This bulk order comes with 864 total wipes. If you’re eating MREs, the first one should last you a week and the remaining 863 will last through the following day.

That sounds about right!  Anyone who's had to subsist on military ration packs (in any army) for more than a day or two will understand it all too well . . .


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