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bitsandbobsandparts - A&BC Style ACEO Collection

A&BC Style ACEO Collection
6 cards

The cards have been created from original water colour paintings. The artist has tried to represent the quality of the cards of that time, with flaws here and there. He has produced some cards that don't actually exist, but could have - there is a gap of George Best cards in the late 1960's and he has also included other iconic players of the era.

187.  George Best (Manchester United)  -  1963-64 A&BC Make-a-Photo Blue backs
67.  George Best (Manchester United)  -  1969-70 A&BC Green back
NNO.  P. Lorimer (Leeds United), B. Moore (West Ham United), G. Best (Manchester United)  -  Star Players  -  1969-70 A&BC Green back
7.  George Best (Manchester United)  -  1971-72 A&BC Purple back
10.  Pele (Brazil)  -  1971-72 A&BC Purple back
G102.  George Best (Manchester United)  -  Super Star - Top Goals   -   1976-77 Topps Red backs

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