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Epoch Cards (Japan) - 2022 Epoch One J-League Holospectra (08)

2022 Epoch One J-League Holospectra
Epoch Cards
50+ cards

A selection of some of the 2022 Epoch One J-League cards have been created in plastic with a holographic finish in very limited numbers. Each card is priced at ¥3,000 and limited to just 10, 20 or 50 copies, with the serial number engraved on the back.
Previous cards can be seen here:

428-H.  SS-032.  Thiago Santana (Shimizu S-Pulse)   -   Limited Edition #/10
429-H.  YK-055.  Koki Ogawa (Yokohama FC)   -   Limited Edition #/10
430-H.  YK-056.  Tatsuya Hsegawa (Yokohama FC)   -   Limited Edition #/10
432-H.  YG-031.  Hayuma Tanaka (Matsumoto Yamaga F.C.)   -   Limited Edition #/10


428-H.  SS-032.  【チアゴ サンタナ】2022シーズンJ1得点王「2022 J.LEAGUE AWARDS」(22.11.7)
429-H.  YK-055.  【小川航基】J2最優秀選手賞・J2得点王・J2ベストイレブン「2022 J.LEAGUE AWARDS(J2)」(22.11.14)
430-H.  YK-056.  【長谷川竜也】J2ベストイレブン「2022 J.LEAGUE AWARDS(J2)」(22.11.14)
432-H.  YG-031.  【田中隼磨】現役ラストマッチで勝利を演出(22.11.20)

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