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How Counting Sort Work in Java? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, in our last article, we looked at the Radix Sort in Java and in this article, we will look at the counting sort in Java. If you are thinking how they are related then let me tell you that both are O(n) sorting algorithms. Yes, its possible to sort in O(n) or linear time. If you are wondering that you have so far only learned that best sorting algorithms are Quick Sort and Merge Sort who sorts an array in O(nLogN) time then you are in for surprise. Yes, there existing O(n) sorting algorithms which are faster than both Quicksort and Merge sort like Radix Sort, Counting Sort, and Bucket Sort but they have their limitation. They are not general purpose sorting algorithm and you can use this to sort only integers and it also depends upon how big is the data set and how many different numbers are in the data set. 

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