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Radix sort in Java with Example

Hello guys, in one of the interview I was asked to name any O(n) sorting algorithm. I was shocked because I only knew about QuickSort and Mergesort whose best time is O(NLogN), so I couldn't answer that question. After the interview, the first thing I did was to Google about O(n) sorting algorithm and I was surprised to find that there are many algorithms like Radix Sort and Counting Sort and Bucket Sort which can provide O(n) performance. So, I learn them and wrote articles about them like in previous article I explained about Counting Sort algorithm and in this article, I will explain Radis sort like what it is and how it works. In Radix sort, we are sorting by comparing individual digits from the last one to the first one. In essence, radix sort is like this: sort elements by the last digit. 

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