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Riz La Croix (France) - Des Sportifs

Des Sportifs
Riz La Croix
84+ (41+ football)

A collection of at least 84 cards, but there doesn't seem to be an album to collect them in so compiling a complete checklist is difficult. There are at least 41 footballers in the collection which means there are a couple of names missing from the list of footballers. Other sports featured are athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, wrestling and swimming. I have to thank Serge Plumecocq for providing scans of most of the football cards in this collection.
UPDATE (18-12-2022 11:06):  Serge has provided 8 more names, so that's 92 names, including 40 footballers.

Barnard (Athlétisme)
Chiclet (Athlétisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Delecour (Athlétisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Fournier (Athlétisme)
Genevay (Athlétisme)
Jazy (Athlétisme)
Lenoir (Athlétisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Love (Athlétisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Mimoun (Athlétisme)
Seye (Athlétisme)
Sillon (Athlétisme)

Antoine (Basket)
J.-P. Beugnot (Basket)
Grange (Basket)
Lefevre (Basket)
B. Mayeur  (Basket)
Monclar  (Basket)

Ballarin (Boxe)
M. Diouf (Boxe)
Drille (Boxe)
Halimi (Boxe)
Lamperti (Boxe)
Pigou (Boxe)

F. Anastasi (Cyclisme)
Anglade (Cyclisme)
Anquetil (Cyclisme)
Bouvet (Cyclisme)
Cazala (Cyclisme)
Darrigade (Cyclisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Forestier (Cyclisme)
Gaignard (Cyclisme)
Gauthier (Cyclisme)
Geminiani (Cyclisme)
Groussard (Cyclisme)
Mastrotto (Cyclisme)
Privat (Cyclisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Riviere (Cyclisme)
Rohrbach (Cyclisme)   -   added 18-12-2022
Rousseau (Cyclisme)
Vermeulin (Cyclisme)
Walkowiak (Cyclisme)

Akesbi (Foot-ball)
Bliard (Foot-ball)
Bollini (Foot-ball)
Bonnel (Foot-ball)
Cisowski (Foot-ball)
Colonna (Foot-ball)
Deladerriere (Foot-ball)
Douis (Foot-ball)
Ferrier (Foot-ball)
Foix (Foot-ball)
Fontaine (Foot-ball)
Gonzales (Foot-ball)
Goujon (Foot-ball)
Grillet (Foot-ball)
Guillas (Foot-ball)
Guillot (Foot-ball)
Herbin (Foot-ball)
Heutte (Foot-ball)
Jonquet (Foot-ball)
Kaelbel (Foot-ball)
Kopa (Foot-ball)
Lamia (Foot-ball)
Lerond (Foot-ball)
J.-J. Marcel (Foot-ball)
Marche (Foot-ball)
Muller (Foot-ball)
Njo-Lea (Foot-ball)
Piantoni (Football)   -   added 18-12-2022
Penvern (Foot-ball)
Rahis (Foot-ball)
Remetter (Foot-ball)
Skiba (Foot-ball)
Strappe (Foot-ball)
Theo (Foot-ball)
Tokpa (Foot-ball)
R. Tylinski (Foot-ball)
Ujlaki (Foot-ball)
Vincent (Foot-ball)
Wendling (Foot-ball)
Wisnieski (Foot-ball)

Bourreau de Bethune (Catch)
Ange Blanc (Catch)
Delaporte (Catch)
Drapp (Catch)
Humez (Catch)

Boiteux (Natation)
Christophe (Natation)
Eminente (Natation)
Jany (Natation)
Lusien (Natation)
Pirolley (Natation)

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