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Tschutti Heftli - Boycott Qatar 2022

Boycott Qatar 2022
Tschutti Heftli
23 posters

I expect some of you are familiar with the albums produced by Tschutti Heftli in recent years. They have decided to protest against the current World Cup in Qatar. There are no stickers this time but some of their artists have created a series of posters, with one being released every matchday on their Facebook page. I've quoted from their social media:
The Soccer World Cup in Qatar contradicts our values on so many levels, that we're joining the Boycott Qatar 2022 initiative. We make the protest visible - every day we will post a new protest poster here, which is sold via auction. The proceeds will be divided among the artists, minus the printing costs.
UPDATE (18-12-2022 12:00):  This illustrated checklist is now complete.
P.S.  I was sorry to read that John Njau Kibe, 24, died on Tuesday, 13 December, succumbing to injuries after a fall on Saturday, 10 December, following the quarter-final match between Argentina and the Netherlands. The latest in a long list of immigrant workers who have lost their lives working on World Cup stadia in Qatar. FIFA has stated that they will ensure that his family will receive any monies due to him, but there's no talk of any compensation at the moment. FIFA are expected to make more than $6,000,000,000 from the tournament in Qatar.

1.  BOYCOTT QATAR by Hella Studio, Bern
2.  FU$$BALL by Alessia Meyer
3.  Untitled by Aurore Huberty
4.  TOOOOOR!!! by Luca Schenardi
5.  KATAR22 by Katharina Reidy
6.  Amazing, isn't it by Alexandra Noth (Herkules Design)
7.  Boycott Qatar ( by Wagner/Hanappi/Busschnegg
9.  PLAY FAIR by Daniel Drabek
10.  Untitled by Lea Huser
11.  Untitled by Studio Lametta
12.  BOYCOTT QATAR 2022 by Micha Niederhäuser
13.  BOYCOTTQATARFIFA22 by Samara Keller
14.  Untitled by Gina Burri
15.  SLAVERY by Benjamin Zollinger
16.  Untitled by Janic Fotsch
17.  Boycott Qatar 2022 - For the good of the game by Severin Weber
18.  QATAR CUP - BOYCOTT QATAR by Chlais Achermann
19.  For the Game. For the World by Michael Schoch
20.  BOYCOTT QATAR - Humanity vs Profit by Marc Lieberherr
21.  GeldMeisterSchaft22 Fußball ist uns Latte! by Vincent Brod
22.  EXPECT - AMAZING by Yannick Nuss
23.  La'ceb by Sophie Schätzer

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