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"The atmosphere was amazing": Daejeon Hana Citizen debutant Anton Kryvotsyuk

Daejeon Hana Citizen debutant Anton Kryvotsyuk hails the importance of the opening day win and cleansheet against Gangwon FC and says the atmosphere at Purple Arena last Sunday was "amazing."

While new striker Tiago Orobó marked his debut with a goal and grabbed the headlines as the scorer of Daejeon's first goal in the top flight since 2015, there was another impressive debut showing from one of the club's other new foreign signings on Sunday.

Azerbaijan international defender Anton Kryvotsyuk had only been confirmed as a new arrival at Daejeon six days prior to their season opener with Gangwon FC, but the 24-year-old was thrust into the starting lineup.

Citizen skipper Ju Se-jong admitted in the post-match press conference that Anton hadn't played a single friendly match with his new teammates, while manager Lee Min-sung said that the players believed in him and even though communication was an issue, he has leadership skills.

Anton was very much in demand in the mixed zone afterward but repeated several times how impressed he was with the atmosphere generated by the 18,590 fans in attendance at Daejeon World Cup Stadium.


Q: What was your opinion on the victory today?

A: "I think it was an important win for us because the first match is always important and also the atmosphere was amazing so thank you for your support from our fans. We'll try to continue lke this."

Q: This was Daejeon's first game after winning promotion to K League 1, did you know about the importance of this game?

A: "Yes, the guys told me that this match was very important, it was [like] six points for us against this team. We took revenge."

Q: What do you think about the K League now that you've played a game?

A: "I need a little more time because this was only the first match, two or three matches and I can tell. I can tell only about the atmosphere, it was amazing - thank you so much again for our fans."

Q: What about the tempo of the game, was that different from Europe?

A: "As I say, I just need a little more time. Because today, first half we keep the ball and first half we were really good but second half we gave more space to our opponent - that was a little difficult. Almost all 45 minutes they was with the ball."

Q: You joined the team quite late compared to other players, so maybe there wasn't enough time for you to get enough chemistry, was there anything specific orders from the coach?

A: "I think this match was important. Also, because we make connections between the players, the second or third match it will show what connection we have so it was very important for us this result and also this match was important for us with our connection with teammates. And I think we did it (connection) well, also."

Q: The head coach really likes your leadership and your attitude, has he talked to you about that?

A: "Yeah, I have lots of experience. I played against big teams, big national teams, big players so I have experience I can give to my teammates, make them show that we can do better and better. So I can just share this experience to my teammates."

Q: For you, as a defender, so a win and a cleansheet - how important was that?

A: "Always, it's important, you know? The main goal of the defenders and goalkeeper is zero [conceded], for us it's the most important thing. Also to win but as I am defender first, it's important to let zero back."

Q: You played towards the left-hand side today for a bit and more as a left back. Which do you prefer, left back or centre back?

A: "For me, it doesn't matter, I just do my work. So, if the coach wants me to play left back I will play left back, if it's centre back... I just do my work."

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