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K League Survivor Returns!

K League Survivor returns for the 2023 edition with more clubs than ever and thus more ways for participants to embarrass themselves as they try to predict who won't lose each weekend. Here is an introduction to what this year's game will entail.

For the last few years, K League United has been running a Patreon-exclusive competition where you can show your knowledge of K League football. The game is Survivor, and is very simple - in theory.


You start with three lives, and all you have to do is select a team each week that won't lose. You can choose any team from K League 1 or K League 2, but you can only select them once during the course of the competition. If your team loses, you lose a life. The last player standing is the winner and the Survivor.

The Prize

This year's prize is a 2023 K League or Korean National Team football shirt. The winner will be able to choose a shirt from any K League 1 or K League 2 club or one of the current Korea kits, and have it posted directly to them, anywhere in the world.

How to Enter

If you'd like to enter, head over to the K League United Patreon page, and sign up for our $3 tier. The game will start this weekend, with entries accepted through Patreon from Thursday morning each week. You'll have until Saturday at 12pm Korean time to get your selections in (unless there's a Friday kick-off. More on that below). 


  • Available for all Patrons $3 tier and up.
  • Each week, players pick a team from K League 1 or K League 2 that they think will not lose their game that round.
  • You can only pick each team once.
  • If your predicted team wins or draws, you keep your life; if your pick loses, you lose a life.
  • Each player gets three lives if they enter by Round 1. Players entering in Round 2 start with two lives and players entering in Round 3 get a single life. From Round 4, there can be no new entrants.
  • If you lose all three lives, you are out.
  • There will be prizes for the last patron and the last KLU writer standing, but the overall winner is the last player with at least one life left. They will be crowned “K League Survivor 2023”
  • If players are able to survive selecting all teams and are still in the game with other competitors, they can begin to select teams from K League 2 once more.
  • If players remaining final team is a K League 2 with a bye that week, they will lose the life so please pick with future weekends in mind.
  • If all final players lose their last lives in the same round, they all survive to play the next week.
  • All picks must be posted on the relevant round thread on Patreon. Late entries are not accepted. The deadline is 12pm on a Saturday unless there is a Friday kick-off, in which case it is brought forward to the Friday game's kick-off.  
  • If a player fails to make a pick (in time) for a round, they will be deducted a life.
  • Gameweeks will only take place on weekends when both K League 1 and K League 2 sides are playing. Friday nights are included as part of the weekend.
  • First place can choose a 2023 home, away or goalkeeper kit from a K League 1 or 2 club, or a home or away Korean National Team kit. Prizes are subject to availability at the time the competition is won. If the desired kit is not available, we will communicate with you directly to try and fulfil your alternative choice. Cash alternatives will not be given.


If you have any questions contact KLU or the Survivor accounts on Twitter, or directly through Patreon!


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