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The Complete Guide to the 2023 K League Season

K League returns for its 40th year in 2023 and, as always, K League United have you covered with a range of interviews, podcasts, team and match previews to ensure you are getting the most out of the new season. Below is a comprehensive list of the pre-season articles we have produced thanks to our talented K League United team. Please make sure to read the articles, to follow the writers and enjoy the campaign ahead! Football is finally back!

Team Guides

On K League:
K League Technical Report 2022
K League 1 Team Guide
K League 2 Team Guide
Derbies of K League 1
Derbies of K League 2

On K League United:
What's New in K League in 2023?
Starting Goalkeepers for 2023
Who Should Be in the K League Hall of Fame?
The History of the Curtain Raiser


On K League United:
Celtic Sign Oh Hyeong-gyu (Michael Redmond)

On K League:

Season Previews

On K League United:


Season 5 (2022 Review):

Extra (Pre-season):

Season 6 (2023):




Round 1 Previews

On K League United:

On K League:

Where to Watch

You can watch all K League 1 and K League 2 games online for FREE as long as your country does not already have a broadcast deal. These games can be found on

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