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'We cannot sit back, we are playing at home' - Gerso Fernandes on Incheon's Daegu clash

Gerso Fernandes believes that, as the home team, Incheon United need to be positive and on the front foot against Daegu FC this Saturday in Round 5 of the 2023 Hana 1Q K League 1 campaign, rather than waiting to counter. The forward also tells K League United that preparations have begun earlier than usually in order to bounce back from the heavy loss to Gwangju.
Incheon United went into the first international break on the back of a 5-0 defeat to newly-promoted Gwangju FC. The aim for this visit of Daegu FC this weekend then is to bounce back and Gerso Fernandes believes that, to do so, the team need be positive.

The Durumi, though, will be expecting a tough contest; Daegu beat Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 2-0 last time out to pick up their first win of the campaign.

"Definitely, they will come with the motivation of a team that just won against one of the best teams, of course," says Gerso speaking to K League United. "That gives extra motivation. We coming out from a tough defeat against Gwangju. We're just trying to be ready more than 100% because after you lose 5-0 the only thing that you don't wanna do again, it's just lose. You just wanna win the next game no matter what. So they're coming with confidence after the win. We are coming with everything because we just had a big loss and we wanna make up to the fans and to everyone who supports us. So I think it's gonna be a good match."


Gerso admits that, in order for Incheon to bounce back, preparations have begun extra early:

"Since we [had] the week off without games we started right from [Monday]. Monday was our first practice of the week, and we started preparing for the game against Daegu. Usually, it's on the second day we get more into the [next] game. Usually the first day of the week it's more kind of like, just get the body going and get us ready for the rest of the week. But this week we started right from the get-go to prepare the game; how we gonna defend, how we're gonna attack, and how we're gonna stop them and score and all of that."

Incheon versus Daegu could be match of two teams with similar styles cancelling each other out as both are partial to a counterattack. But Gerso says that, instead of sitting back and waiting for the Sky Blues to make a mistake, Incheon need to be proactive and more aggressive:

"I feel like it ends up being, in my opinion, a boring game if both teams are just waiting for the mistakes at the other one so they can counter. We are playing at home and coming from a big defeat we cannot, in my opinion, of course, then what the coach will do, it's up to him but in my opinion, it's like we cannot sit back and we are playing at home in front of our fans, [in] our stadium. There is no way that we should be sitting back and just waiting for their mistake. Playing at home we should just pressure them as much as we can and just try to make them make mistakes that we can take advantage of but like up on the field and not all the way back. But that's my opinion as, as me, as a player. I think playing at home, we have [home] field advantage. We have the fans, we have all of it."

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