"We had the upper hand over them": Suwon Samsung Bluewings' Boadu Maxwell Acosty

After defeat in their opening round clash to Gwangju FC, things looked to be heading in a similar direction for Suwon Samsung Bluewings as they trailed to a Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors despite another spirited performance. However, Boadu Maxwell Acosty's stunning equaliser from the edge of the Jeonbuk area would kick the second half into life and turn the tide in the Bluewings' favour. Matthew Binns caught up with the game's Man of the Match about his debut goal and adapting to life in Suwon.
Matthew Binns: Well, that's certainly a way to open your account for the new club! How did that feel when it went in?

Mawell Acosty: It felt good. Yeah, it felt really good. I just heard the sound of the ball, and the glimpse of my corner of my eye, I saw that the ball was inside and it was all joy because I scored in front of my fans. It was really good.

MB: The fans certainly seemed to enjoy it! How did you rate the game overall?

MA: I think it was a good game. We played really well, like we played in the last game also. We are building up a lot of new players so we are trying to know each other. We are really working hard and these first two games has shown how the team is responding to the tactics and everything. We just hope to have our first three points and I think we will continue to learn from playing well.

MB: You talk about playing well there. There's an argument you maybe should have even got three points today. What do you think it was the difference between your side and Jeonbuk today?

MA: I can't actually comment about the other team but I think my team was really good today. We try to press them we try to play our game, you know. We got a goal. They scored a goal on a penalty and then I think they had a few chances but I think, overall, we had more chances to score than them. So, I think today, we had the upper hand over them.

MB: Early days in Suwon as well, not too far from Anyang mind, but how are you adapting to life at the new club?

MA: Well, as you said it's really close to Anyang and I have been to Suwon several times because I had friends like Bulthuis and Sarić last year, so I was most of the time in Suwon. So I'm really familiar with the atmosphere in Suwon. I have my guy here who is also my friend from last season [points to the Suwon media officer] so now we are all together. There are a lot of differences from K1 and K2 but I'm enjoying life in Suwon as of now.

MB: Well, one goal already now for the season. Do you have any personal targets?

MA: My personal target is just to help the team in any way I can. Coming on from the bench, starting the game, assists, goals, I'm just here to help so I'm just trying to make myself available for my teammates and make things easy for them.

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