"I'm so happy to return home": Daegu FC's Edgar da Silva

Daegu FC's towering striker Edgar da Silva made a return home and compeleted his first 90 minutes after the Brazilian had to leave the club with Achilles tendon rupture at the start of the 2022 season. Daegu FC correspondent Muyeol Jung speaks with Edgar after a 1-1 draw to Jeju at home in Round 2.  

Q: Hi Edgar, thanks for the interview. It was a very physical game today and this is not the result Daegu would have wanted. How are you feeling after the game?

A: "Yes, [it was] a tough game and a difficult game. Of course, we played at home and we must win that game. But we couldn't. Of course, we are not so happy because of this result, but it’s okay. We keep trying. We were losing and we got one point [in the end]. So now, we continue working to the next stage."

Q: Barcelos came off the bench and scored the equaliser from the spot for Daegu. How important is that goal for him?

A: "Yeah, for him, it's so important because it's the first time he's playing here in Korea and also at home. That goal gives confidence to him. Always someone who comes from the bench must try to change the game and he could and scored and played well. And I hope he can score more goals and help our team."


Edgar received a warm reception at home with a big banner of him up in the stand (Image via Daegu FC Facebook)

Q: Obviously, you came back home after you had to leave the club injured last season. This game must be very special. There was also a big banner welcoming your return home. How much did you miss Daegu and K League? Was it a no-brainer to come back to Daegu when you got an offer?

A: "Yeah, I am back at home after almost one year, one year of treatment and physiotherapy sessions and training. [It was] a tough time. Sometimes I was thinking, maybe I cannot do more. But [I thought] it’s okay and I [had a lot of faith in myself] to come back to football and I challenged myself to come back to football. When Daegu called me again, I was so happy and surprised because I know there was good time here [at Daegu between Daegu and myself], but I think it’s over. But I could come back and I wanted to continue my history here in Daegu."

Q: Speaking of the injury, many fans are curious to know how fit you are after such a big injury? Can you tell us more about it?

A: "Yeah, of course. It's so hard for me. Today I played after almost one year, the first 90 minutes. [I am] tired. Of course, we had a preseason, and I worked a lot in the preseason. I prepared myself but [it’s] totally different when we came back to start the league. But it was okay, it was good. Of course, we must win the three points and win a game but for me, personally, if you finish a game without any pain, without any injury. It's good because I hadn't played for such a long time and I'm happy."

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Q: Here’s the last question, what’s your goal for this season?

A: "Well, like I said, I was out for a long time. So I must help the team. I cannot say that I want to score 10, 12, or 13 goals this season. My target is to help this team and of course, it's my job to score goals. Today, I couldn't but I will try to help the team and that's it."

K League United and Muyeol Jung would like to send a massive thanks to Edgar for his interview again. Listen on KLU Patreon now or on the KLU Pod later this week.

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