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"I will try to give my best": Incheon United's Paul-José M'Poku

Paul-José M'Poku scored his first goal for Incheon United in their dramatic 3-3 draw with Daejeon Hana Citizen in Round 2 of the 2023 K League 1 season. It looked as if it was going to be the winner for Incheon before Kim In-gyun rescued a point for the away side late into the game. Michael Redmond caught up with M'Poku to discuss his thoughts on the game. 

Q: How do you feel to score your first goal in front of the Incheon United fans?

A: Obviously is always good to score and I'm really grateful and happy and thankful for scoring. But there's another feeling like we couldn't get three points.

Okay, so it's better [to have] one point than nothing, but you still go home feeling not fully satisfied with the result.

Q: What are your thoughts are on the game because you went from ahead to behind and then ahead again before drawing? What's your overall feeling of the 90 minutes? 

A: My feeling like it was the kind of game that anything can happen, and in this kind of game, the one who will be smarter will win. I think that maybe some of the things we could do better, but this is football we are always learning. So yeah, we're going to learn from this and then hopefully in the next game, we're going to win. 

Q: You came off the bench and you scored a goal. What's your feeling now for the next few games? Do you think you're going to start or does the manager have another intention for you in his plans?

A: I listen well to the manager's choice. I'm feeling every time, step by step, feels better and better. So he played me today and I am feeling better. The manager he knows the league well. He knows everything and I come from a different country. Maybe my experience will have to adapt to the league and everything so I'm just listening to them and I give them whatever they want, I will try to give my best. 

Q: How are you enjoying the K League and Korea as a whole? Are you fitting in well to Korea? 

A: Yes, I like it. The city is very good. Everybody's really welcoming. The people, my teammates and everyone else. In regards to the K League and the football, I  still need to adapt to certain things like the pitch of training and all these kind of things, but I am here to learn and for that I'm happy.

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