"I hope I can continue doing well and helping the team": Daegu FC's Edgar

Daegu FC striker Edgar recently made his 100th appearance for the club and before the 4-3 loss to Gwangju FC on Sunday, the towering Brazilian number nine was honoured for his achievements. Now, he says, he wants to repay the love the fans have for him with contributions on the pitch. K League United's Muyeol Jung caught up with Edgar after the match.

Brazilian duo Edgar and Cesinha were both named on the bench for Daegu FC's 2023 Hana 1Q K League 1 Round 7 clash at home to Gwangu FC in the first 'Moonlight Derby' of the year. But, needing to overturn a 2-0 half-time deficit, both were sent onto the field.

The Sky Blues then went 3-0 down on the hour mark but a fightback began just four minutes later. First, Go Jae-hyeon found the target on 64 and 79 minutes before Keita Suzuki levelled on 82.

Edgar came close to scoring and had a huge hand in the third goal as it was his shot from Cesinha's cross which hit the post and rebounded to Keita Suzuki.

Q: What a result it could have been for Daegu. Very unfortunate to lose by 4-3, but was a very incredible game for the neutrals. How are you feeling?

A: Of course, I think in the second half we could draw the result, we fight to win the game but we couldn't. In the end, we conceded a goal and, unfortunately, it was a bad result for us at home. But it's okay. Now [it's] finish, you have to think to next week to the next game."

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Q: It was very difficult game after the game went 3-0 down for Daegu. But the introduction of you and Cesinha made almost immediate changes in the game. You almost scored the goal that led to the third goal of tonight for Daegu. What were you thinking how this game could end? 

A: "Of course, when we scored three we give more power for us. And, I was thinking we could change this result. But, how I said, unfortunately, we conceded the goal and it's tough, a tough time, a difficult time for us, but it happens in football."

Q: If you can take one lesson from this game, what's your takeaway?

A: "We need to believe until the end and okay, sometimes if you cannot win, okay 3-3 is not a bad result for us but it's okay..."


Q: Let's change a topic. Before the game, there was a commemorative ceremony for your 100th league appearance. You have been through many different clubs in many different countries. Have you ever reached this milestone with any other club? What does this achievement mean for you?

A: "Yeah, I think it is the first time, here in Daegu and I'm so happy because Daegu it's changed my life. They opened the doors for me here in Korea and I love here the team and they love me. Of course, I must show on the field what I can do and since I came here, was good. I hope I can continue doing well and helping the team." 

Q: I heard that your family arrived at Daegu a few days ago. I believe this will significantly help you moving forward. 

A: "Yes, and of course if my family is here near to me, it's better. I was missing them and now they give me like a power more powerful to reach the target of the team." 

Q: Do you have any word to Daegu fans? 

A: "I want to say thank you, for them for supporting me and the club. Even today, the night was bad, in the end it was bad, but we still fight until the end to change the situation. I hope the next game we can win and be happy in the end of the game." 

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